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bird7Big birds in the Cretaceou s of Central Asia: say hello to Samrukia

 Several sites in the south of the country are well known for yielding Cretaceous vertebrate fossils, notably Akkurgan (marked with a star), Shakh-Shakh and Syuk-Syuk.What I regard as one of the most interesting things about bothGargantuavis and Samrukia is that neither was living in isolation on some Cretaceous island. Rather, both were living alongside assemblages of non-avialian dinosaurs and also alongside large pterosaurs. Samrukia comes from the Bostobynskaya Formation (also known as the Bostobe Formation). Hadrosaurs and tyrannosaurids are known from the Akkurgan locality in Kazakhstan that yielded Samrukia, but ornithomimids, therizinosaurs, caenagnathids (how ironic), dromaeosaurids, ankylosaurs and rare sauropods have all been reported from the Bostobynskaya Formation as well (Dyke & Malakhov 2004, Averianov 2007a). All should be imagined as close neighbours of this giant bird. The azhdarchid pterosaurAralazhdarcho is also from the Bostobynskaya Formation (Averianov 2004, 2007b). Read more


pol77Polish legend about the origin of Kazakhs

Authors: Taizhan Dosanov (Kazakhstan, Almaty. Almaty), Amankos mektep tags (Poland, Poznan) Ref:

Come up from the grave

Mouldering bones.

Let your spirit, body and strength come back.


In the beginning of August 2010 due to the president program “Bolashak”  Senior lecturer of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Kandidat of Philology Science Amankos Mektep-tags was sent to Polland for scientific internship. On the third day of his stay in Pollish Poznan-city , plenipotentiary ex-ambassador of Polland in Kazakhstan , a professor doctor Marek Gavenskyi showing city sightseeing took Amankos  Mektep-tegs and Saken  Nurbekov to the building where in past Pollish Academy of Science was situated. A magnificent goose statue drew attention of Amankos  Mektep-tegs (this statue was something in between a goose and a swan), that was located on the 3 story building façade roof.

Poznan citizens evidenced that this building was erected in 18 century by German builders and the city itself according to citizens was handed over in turn to Germans and Pollish for a few times. Intuitively, feeling a special significance of mysterious sculpture occurrence.  Amankos  Mektep-tegs sent sculptural compositions photos to Almaty-city by e-mail.  Read more

Aryan footprint among Turkic nations

The main purpose of this article is to answer the question, why in many Turkic-speaking nations there are a high percentage of haplogroup R1a1. They include Altai, Kirghiz, Khakassian and other Asian and Central Asian nations. To understand from where there could appear R1a1, let's make an excursion into the history of the region.
Nations of Scythian world
Scythian-Saka tribes were likely heirs of Andronov culture, and quite possibly were the carriers of haplogroup R1a1.
Scythians began to appear in historical sources, for the first time, since the end of 8th century BC. Approximately 720 years BC, Scythians came to the Pontic steppes from the East, displacing the Cimmerians from their homeland. Cimmerians ("gimmiri" in Assyrian sources), beating the Black Sea through the Bosporus invaded in Asia Minor, and the Scythians (known in Assyrian sources as "Ishkuza"), through the Caucasus invaded in Iran and fought with Assyria. Their advance was stopped by Sargon II (722-705). Read more

chokanKazakh secret 

History perception by different nations is characterized by common and certain stereotypes which even historians sometimes are unable to disprove. Moreover majority of historians as well as writers  and film directors keeps on developing the same cliché despite contradictory sources and common sense.

Historiography has always been contradictory as it has been used by states for the ideological propaganda purpose. As Mr. Jerome K Jerome claimed “during the war soldiers of the own country are the bravest in the world. While soldiers of hostile country are insidious  and unconsientious. That is why they sometimes win”.

Besides each nation has own specific themes relating to its exclusivity concerning either some achievements or troubles which took place in the past.

As for Kazakhs they consider their history as the greatest large scale tragedy.. « Мен – ?аза?пын мы? ?ліп, мы? тірілген "(" I am, who died but revived  thousand times ") and" Тоза?ты? ?зінен аман-сау ?алыппыз "(" We managed to survive in the heart of  the hell ") – these words are the key concepts of Kazakh historiography.

But the problem is that this sorrowful concept  does not correspond to well-known historic data. For example, Dzungar and Kalmyk tribes which are shown in Kazakh historiography as eternal blood-thirsty and merciless enemies have never made such slaughters, indeed whereas ancestors of once menacing Oyrats tribes squeezed out to different countries are scanty now. What is more they lost statehood mostly because of Kazakh tribes.  Read more 

amazonJoanna K will write a book about the Amazons, who lived on the territory of Kazakhstan 

My book will be devoted to the matriarchy of Bronze Age - tells Joanna. Why did I choose the Kazakhstan? Just because the most obvious evidence of the dominance of women in the vast territory preserved precisely here - in the center of Eurasia. At the beginning of the century, the famous scholar Jeannine Davis-Kimball, from the American Research Institute of Eurasia, confirmed the truthfulness of the words of ancient authors, including Herodotus. In the ancient kurgans, near the place called Pokrovka, on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan, were found skeletons of women, who were buried with their weapons. In the graves, dating back VI-IV centuries BC, were discovered iron swords, daggers, bronze arrowheads, bows, quivers, and horse harness. This has led to the assumption that in this culture, women warriors had a high social status.
- Representatives of the German television channel ZDF filmed a thriller about the research of Jeannine Davis-Kimball and told to the whole world that the direct descendants of the Amazons -are present Kazakh women. Read more

anenkovStashes of Ataman Annenkov

In July, the National Security Committee (NSC) of Kazakhstan plans to conduct an unusual search expedition into the border area with China, namely in Dzhungar Alatau mountain range. During the Civil War in these desolate places of the former Semirechensk region clashed in mortal combat the Red Bolshevist detachments and the White Cossacks of Ataman Annenkov. Aim of the NSC expedition is to search the hiding places of Boris Annenkov. Then, in 1920, leaving Russia the Ataman decided to hide most of his weapons and perhaps even valuables in the mountains, hoping that one day he returns, and all of this is again necessary. Ataman returned to Russia, but it was not as he expected... Read more 

plevakoKazakh roots of a Russian genius

t is hard to find a literate person that does not know the surname Plevako. Eloquent defendants of someone are often ironically called “One more Plevako!” Actually the name of one of the best attorneys of the Russian Empire of 19 and the beginning of 20 century came into jurisprudence history. There are some sound arguments that Fedor Nikiforovich Plevako was half Kazakh “high cheek boned angular face of Kalmyk type with widely placed eyes and disobedient locks of long dark hair could be called ugly if it would not be lightened with internal beauty seen in the overal animated look, kind lion`s smile, fire and sparkles of conveying eyes”. It is the quotation from an essay of the Russian lawyer and literary man Anatolyi Fedorovich Koni. The same description of Plevako was made by contemporaries who knew him personally such as Chehov, Bunin, Veresayev, Teleshov. All of them were acquainted with the prominent lawyer or attended his proceedings where he appeared for defence . And each contemporary drew attention of Fedor Nikiforovich unusual origin.  Read more 

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