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Eldeer zhuz /

Eldeer zhuz

Alban  Shanyshkyly  Dulat  Zhalaiyr  Kanly  Oshakty  Suan  Sirgeli  Shapyrashty  Ysty  Sary Uisyn 

The group of Kazakh clans and tribes, occupying the territory of Semirechya and South Kazakhstan and the part of the modern territory of the western China and Uzbekistan (The Tashkent area). The process of formation of the Elder zhuz was finished at the beginning of the XVI century. In XVI—XVIII centuries on the territory of the Elder zhuz there appeared and disappeared khanates, till in the 20 – 40s of the XIX century the Elder Zhuz was not included in the Russian Empire. In XIX century the Kazakh population of the Elder zhuz was about 550 000 people

Clans of the Elder zhuz are former moguls, natives of Mogulistan's state, in the east part of the Chagatai Khanate.

Dulat clans lived along the coast of Ili River, up to Chu and Talas River and the middle reaches of the Syr Darya River. They divided into four large clans: botpay, shymyr, sikym, zhanys. Their motto was "Baktiyar".

Shapyrashty generally lived in the foothills of Zailiysky Alatau, around the modern Almaty city. Their motto was "Karasay".

Alban clan lived in Zhetysu on the southeast part of Altyn-Emel mountain range, in the north of Zailiysky Alatau, in upstream of Ili River, Kolsay Lake on the shores of the mountain rivers Tekes and Charyn. Their motto was "Raiymbek".

Suan clan lived in the foothills of Altyn-Emel, in Zhetysu, on the southeast part of Dzungarian Alatau, ashore of Koktelek at the place of Korgask. Their mottos were "Raiymbek, Baisuan".

Zhalaiyr lived in the foothills of Dzungarian Alatau, Arkarly, Malaysary, on banks of the rivers Karatal and Ili, on the southeast coast of Balkhash. Their motto was "Kabylan".

Kanly occupied the territory of the modern Southern Kazakhstan area. Their mottos were "Ayyrylmas; "Bayterek"".

Sary Uisyn generally roamed from place to place on the left side of Ili River, in the foothills of Zailiysky Alatau, on the right coast of Talas, on banks of Kargata River before its confluence with Chu River.

Sirgeli lived in the middle course of Chu, in the lower course of Talas River, in the foothills of Karatau. Their motto was "Toganas".

Oshakty roamed from place to place in the lower course of Talas River, Karatau's southeast spurs. At the end of the XIX century their number reached 20 000 people.

Ysty lived in northern part of Balkhash Lake and on the territory of Zhambyl region. Their motto was "Zhauatar".

Shanyshkyly lived in Southern Kazakhstan region, bordering with Uzbekistan. Their motto was  "Ayyrylmas".

In the Elder Zhuz the majority of clans are included into Uysyn, Saryuysyn, Shapyrashty, Ysty, Oshakty, Alban, Suan and Dulat unions. Kanlys are considered as one of the most ancient tribes in the Kazakhs.