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Their slogan - «Akzhol» (көз таңба-it is the seal in the form of eyes)

Argyns – one of the largest Kazakh tribes of the Middle zhuz in the past, whose name has become the synonymous for all of the Zhuz. Argyns of XIX century. had a complex ethnic structure: A division "Meiram" included clans - kuandyk, begendik, suyundik, shegendyk, shubartbala, karakesek, kambar, a department "momyn" included - basentein, daut (atygay), karaul, kanzhygaly, tobykty, saryzhetim, shakshak. Each of these units has its own ethnogenesis and history, reflected in the genealogical legends and historical chronicles.

According to authoritative researchers, the kins of first department came from immigrants from the south (from Zhetysu, where in the IX-XII centuries the area was known as Argu). In particular, the largest division of Argyns - karakeseks (over 20% of the number of Argyns at the beginning of XX century.) consider themselves as descendants of Bolat- Khoja, nicknamed Karakesek (a cobblestone). The name Bolat- Khoja researchers correlated with the division of karluks (bulak), who inhabited Argu in the Talas River basin (Mahmud Kashgari). During the Mongol conquest of Argu territories, part of the population fled to the northern steppes, becoming the basis of tribal association of Argyns. It is no accident that tamga of Argyns was close in shape to tamga of dulats. This is also indicated in the oral genealogical legends, in which Bolat – is the name of the elder of hundreds (Zhuz) people, who went to Yellow Ridge (Kazakh: Сарыарқа) under-Alash Khan and founded the Middle zhuz.

According to the legend of Shakarim an ancestor of Argyns was Argyn Aga Khan and from his son Kodan was born the legendary Dairkhoja - Akzhol, whose name became a slogan of all Argyn divisions. It is interesting that the mentioned Kodan (Kotan) is considered as the father of Uysuna (Elder zhuz) and Alshina (Junior zhuz).

The origin of clans of division "momyn" (from the Kazakh "gentle", "calm") is more complicated. Perhaps they are part of other nations that joined Argyns later, what indicates their nickname "Tokal-argyn", ie Argyn’s younger wife’s children.

According to the agricultural census 1896-1911 the amount of Argyns was 509 thousand people, incl. 82% in the Kazakh population of Kokshetau district (atygay, karaul), 78% in Pavlodar (mainly basentein, suyundik), in Karkaralinsk 78% (karakesek), in Akmola 67% (kuandyk, kanzhygaly), in Turgay 50% (shegendyk , saryzhetim), in Atbasar 46% (kuandyk, shegendyk, etc.), in Petropavlovsk 39% (atygay, karaul), 35.3% in Omsk, in Semey 32% (tobykty). * Based on the book of Vostrov V.V., Mukanov M.S. 'Tribal structure and settlement of the Kazakhs (late XIX - early XX centuries) "," Nauka" Publishing house of the Kazakh SSR, Alma-Ata, 1968