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Their slogan - «Kaptagay» ,  tamgha (shomіsh -it is the seal in the form of a ladle)

Nayman – one of the largest tribes of Kazakhs of Middle Zhuz. The ethnonym Nayman dates back to the union of tribes. The term «Nayman» meant "eight" in Mongolian language , which first was mentioned in the chronicle of the Khitan "Liao Shi" in 947. According to Gumilev the Naymans – were a part of the Khitan (kitays), who consisted of eight tribes that migrated to Semirechye (Kazakh: Zhetysu) and Altai after defeating by Jurchens in their state in China (in 1125), where they formed a new state, that afterwards was destroyed by Mongols of Temujin (Genghis Khan) in 1201 and 1218 years. Naymans, conquered by Mongols, became a part of the Golden Horde population. After its collapse they joined different states and different people.

Naymans are divided into three divisions: sary-zhomart (bura, karatay, kokzharly), tolegatay (karakerey, matay, sadyr, tortuyl) in the East Kazakhstan region and teristangaly (baganaly, baltagaly) in Karaganda region (naymans from the first two parts live in China, Mongolia and in Russia, in the Altai). According to Shakarim the ancestor of all Naymans is Sofa-Mirza. His son was – Okiresh, who had 3 sons - Dombaul, Sugirshi and Sarzhomart, from whom originated the three main branches of the tribe. The slogan of Naimans - Kaptagay - comes from the son of Matay, who was the grandson of Tolegatay.  Tolegatay was in turn one of the three founders of the tribe. By the same principle there were other slogans of Naymans. The slogan of Karakereys was Kabanbai ( the name of the famous batyr of eighteenth century). The slogan of Matays was – Boribay  (who lived in the middle of the eighteenth century). The slogan of Sadyrs - Aldiyar (the beginning of the eighteenth century) etc. There are also people who came from Naymans among the Kazakh of Little zhuz - bayuly (alasha, altyn, esentimir, serkesh), alimules (tortkara, shekty), among Kyrgyzs (kok, kara nayman), nogais (kup nayman, baganaly), Uzbeks (Nayman Sheibani Khan).

According to the Agriculture Census in 1897-1911 Naymans in Russia, amounted to  394.5 thousand people, or 11.4% of the Kazakh population in Russian Empire, including 95.8% of the Kazakh population in Ust-Kamenogorsk uyezd, Lepsinsk- 92%, Zaisan-88.3%,  Atbasar-47%, Kopal- 34,4%, Semipalatinsk uyezd -24.8%. The number of Naymans in China and Mongolia is unknown.

* Based on the book Vostrov V.V. and Mukanov M.S. 'Tribal structure and settlement of the Kazakhs (late XIX - early XX centuries) "," Nauka " Publishing house of the Kazakh SSR, Alma-Ata, 1968

The scheme is provided by community Naymansegiz. Source: book

"Kazakh shezhire", by Zharukat Beysenbayuly, pp. 126-127, 1994 Almaty