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Salkam Zhangir Khan (ruled: 1645-1652 )

Zhangir Khan (year of birth unknown - died in 1652) – he was the son of Yesim Khan. He sat on the imperial throne after the death of his older brother Zhanibek Khan. Zhangir was not…
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Nuraly Khan (reigned in 1748-1786)

    Nuraly (Nurgali Ghazi Bahadur) – Khan of Little jüz, the eldest son of Abul Khair Khan. He was born in 1704, died in 1790.

   He supported strengthening of the Russian-Kazakh relations. In 1748 Nuraly  was elected the khan of Little jüz. The…
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Esim Khan (reigned: 1598-1645)

    Esim (year of birth is unknown –died in 1645), the son of Shigay khan, replaced Tauyekel on khan’s throne. He is the founder of a dynasty of the Kazakh khans of the Middle Juz, governing in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

    Sons of the deceased Tauyekel…
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Yeraly Khan (reigned 1791-1794)

    Yeraly, Ermuhamedali –a  Khan Little Juz, son of Abul Khair Khan.He was  born about 1720, died in 1794.

  From an early age took part in the khans councils, administrative affairs. He headed the Abul Khair Khan’s  Embassy to  the Russian Empire, which officially…
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Kaiyr Khan (approximately 1165-1220 )

   Kaiyr Khan - a native of Kipchak tribe, a contemporary of Genghis Khan, the ruler and defender of the Otrar city. Under his rule Otrar became a major commercial, scientific and cultural center of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Thanks to him, there was…
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Zholbarys Khan (reigned in 1720-1740)

   Zholbarys Abdollaula (1690–1740) – the khan of Great Juz. Its constant residence settled down in Tashkent, which  before belonging to his father. The subordinated kins nomadized in valleys of the rivers Shyrshyk (the right inflow of Syr-Darya) and Arys (flows  on the territory of…
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Eskaldy bey (1692–1780 гг.)

    According to historians, since 1219 when Otrar was fell, and till 1723  was time of great disaster "Aktaban шубырынды" (the period of zonghar’s  invasion ), the Kazakh people lived without wars no more than fourteen years. The most cherished dream of sons was to grow…
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