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Several notions about the origin of the word «Genghis Khan»,  «Mongol»,  «Torah»


If I think seriously, I`ve seen and  see five generations of Kazakh people: first- our grandfathers and grandmothers (born in 1890 and 1925`s). They were lived in misery period: revolutions, Civil War, Starving, repressions and Second World…
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    Practically, the chronology of board of the Kazakh khans is given in each textbook on history of Kazakhstan. The name of Shigay khan is appears in this list as a successor of Hak-Nazar khan.  Years tenure of this governor are identified in the interval 1580-1582 gg.

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Visionary testament

However, let’s back to the dramatic fate Kenesary Khan, blood son of the Kazakh people, whose tragic destiny and aspirations of the people have become an unwritten testament and cautions his descendants – those, who today face a difficult integration Rubicon. How many centuries ago before…
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History lesson.  Kenesary’s unwritten bequest

Author: Amantay DANDYGULOV. The pricelessness for Kenesary khan’s history of sacred steppe

Through the centuries there is a speculative, but very strong bond of autocratic Russian rulers, demonstrating remarkable vitality of imperial chauvinism. If one autocrat gave the command to catch and…
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In the military history of different nations had known amazing cases, when a small number of troops of the soldiers managed to constrain for a long time the impact of superior enemy forces, or even to won in unequal fight. Such feats, as a rule, acquire over time myths,…
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    In 1428,  as a result of rebellion of the steppe nobility, the aggressive khan of easten  Qipchaq  steppe –  Barrack was killed. This was overthrow not one governor but all clan of descendants of Urus-khan. It happened for the third time in fifty years. Most of Chingisid names…
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The Kazakh state emerged and existed for several centuries in many ways thanks to existence of their own aristocracy of alien origin. Khans and sultans could order an army composed of different tribes, divide booties between them after victories, and distribute camping-ground, and hold a court. Only the demand…
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