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Atababa is the website which participants can create the personal page, a family tree, communicate and use other services of this site

All materials, including information on personal pages, a family tree, information on relatives, information placed in blogs and forums, in the subsection "history", "celebrity", including all messages of participants reflect only opinions of their authors, the administration doesn't bear any responsibility for their contents, and also for the direct or indirect loss caused to you as a result of use (or not use) these materials, the missed benefit, loss of information and other.

The administration also doesn't bear any responsibility for the advertizing materials placed on the website, and also for materials to which can point references from the materials located on the website

If participants roughly break website rules, the administration reserves the right in our sole discretion to provide information to the law enforcement agencies, to suppliers of Internet services about the participant who has broken rules, his IP address and an e-mail

If you have questions or the complains about the participant, send the message to the moderator from your personal page


  • To place provoking materials concerning other Zhus and tribes
  • To use obscene lexicon, insults or charges
  • Appeals to violation of the current legislation, the statement of racist character, kindling of international discord and all other that contradicts Republic of Kazakhstan current legislation.
  •  Obviously false, offending, vulgar, obscene information
  • Placement of any illegal or unacceptable information.
  • Impersonate anyone else or otherwise misrepresent your identity or status.
  •  To place messages on political subjects.
  • To place the expressions kindling international and interreligious hatred.
  • To place uncoordinated advertizing
  • Photographs and other content which include nudity, sexuality, pornography, indecency, vulgarity, violence and/or any offensive subject matter.
  • Placement of personal information of other person, without his/her consent (personal information, the address, phone, email and etc)
  • Any content which may violate the privacy or breach the confidentiality of other people, including members in your family tree.
  • Any information relating to minors, which identifies them, their personal details or their address and other means of communication with them, without the direct consent of their parent
  • Any content that impairs and/or infringes the property or other rights of others, including copyrights and trademarks
  • Any computer virus or other malicious or harmful code.
  • Stalk or harass or make persistent or regular contact with other users without their consent or encouragement or after any consent or encouragement has, expressly or impliedly, been withdrawn.
  • Use our website in a way that might damage our name or reputation.
  •  Discussion of actions of administration is forbidden


We reserve the right to modify any provision hereof from time to time, in our sole discretion, and you agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement. If you do not agree with any provision in these Terms, do not use the website.

The participant, placing information on the website, grant us all rights to this information, keeping thus responsibility for it. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to reject, refuse to post or remove any content posted by the participant or to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to all or any part of the website without explanation.

We have the right to block or remove information of the participant on our discretion.

Participants should obtain permit from other relatives before to load information on them on the website

If we receive the complain concerning information which was on the website on the person or the close relative of the person against his will, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to remove this information from the website

If the person has personal information placed by other participant on the website which he wants to remove, he should send inquiry to us

As soon as you load, send or publish contents on the website, including a family tree and photos, they become available to all people having access to the website or any other sites

You should inform us by e-mail about known to you or the expected facts of unauthorized use of your status of the participant, or on other known or expected facts of violation of safety

You bear personal responsibility for preservation of confidentiality of your password.

Remember that being registered on the website you give access to your personal information, and also to personal information of your relatives and independently bear for it responsibility